I’ve been a Bass Tutor for the past 13 years with one to one and group classes tuition in Bass covering Fretboard skills, Rhythm Studies, Groove & Fills, Applied Harmony and Styles & Repertoire. I’ve gained experience in working with teenagers in Music Education and I’ve taught so many lessons over the years to well over 1000 students.

My courses are broken up of 10 lessons per genre, including Rock, Funk and Jazz to more advanced courses exploring topics such as Harmony and Soloing. Each part of the course can be selected individually or they can work through the 10 block lessons to get the full skills required. 

Simply login online at a time that suit you, get a live lesson of your choice and all can be easily booked through my calendar.

My lessons are accompanied by backing tracks, pdfs, transcription and tips all available on your online folder so you have the full resources to study until the next lesson. I can’t wait to see you in the next online session! 

Please download Zoom and I will send you an invitation to your lesson via email after your booking is completed.


Fretboard Skills Ebook

The quality of your Fretboard Skills determines how great you can become as a player. Bass Advice’s Fretboard Skills puts everything you need in your hands. Finger Fitness, Technique, Positions, Exercises, How to Practice, Triads, Diatonic Arpeggios, Pentatonic Scale & Quartal Approach, Blues scale, Licks, Major Scale and Intervals, Major Modes, Diminished Scale, Melodic Minor Scale.

Rhythm Studies Ebook

As a Bass player rhythmic contribution is very important, having a great time feel and knowing how to expand your groove is a must. Bass Advice’s Rhythm Studies puts everything you need in your hands. Rhythm Studies, Grooves in the style of Rock, Funk, Blues, Metronome exercises, Time Feel, Playing with a drummer, Fills in the style of Rock, Funk, Blues, Basic Rhythmic Pattern in 8th & 16th notes, Bass Line Improvisation.

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