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Diatonic Arpeggios

Understanding Arpeggios Diatonic arpeggios are more than just scales; they’re the building blocks of music and bass playing. As a bass…

The major pentatonic scale is formed by a major triad with the addition of the 2nd and 6th of the…

Triad Licks

Triad licks, essential components of a bass player’s repertoire, offer more than just technical prowess—they are the gateway to advanced…

Augmented Triads

The augmented triad, comprising a root, a major third and an augmented fifth, stands out for its symmetrical structure and…

Minor Triads

‍As a bass guitarist, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the minor triad and its various applications….

Major Triads

A Comprehensive Exploration Understanding Major Triads Major triads stand at the heart of harmony. This section shines a light on the C…

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