Jazz Bass Course – Private Lessons – 1:1 online course

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Jazz Bass Course – Private Lessons – 1:1 online course

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Learn everything you need to play in a Jazz Band!

Private Lessons – a 1:1 online course

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10 Lessons including fretboard skills, rhythm studies, important Jazz bassists, tracks and much more!

Take the Jazz Bass Course!

9 Lectures

10 Lessons

34 Topics

10 Standards and Bassists

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Course Details

Finger Fitness: Fingers Exercises to gain fluidity, independence and strength.

Fretboard Skills: What Notes, Positions, Exercises, How to Practice, Triads: root, 1st and 2nd inversion, Arpeggios: Major, Minor and Dominant 7th with all inversions, Pentatonics, Quartal Approach, Blues scale, Major Scale and Intervals, Diatonic Arpeggios, Major Modes, Bebop Scale, Diminished Scale, Melodic Minor Scale, Patterns Application.

Jazz Rhythm: Rhythm Exercises, Metronome & Time, Odd Times.

Technique: Articulations & Dramatic Effects – Hands Position & Fingerstyle, Skips, Slides, Hammer On & Pull Off, Rake & Trill, Ghost Notes & Accents, Crossing Strings, Drops, Anticipation, Short Notes & Long Notes, Palm Muting.

Applied Harmony: Type of Chords, Chord Changes with Major and Minor II-V-I, Scales and Arpeggios options over chords, Substitute Chords in Rhythm Changes, Turnarounds, Substitute Chords in a Major and Minor Blues, Subs, Tritone, Secondary dominants.

In the Style of: Modelling with the Masters, Bass Lines, How to play like them, How to steal like an artist – Paul Chambers, Sam Jones, Ray Brown, Charles Mingus, Ron Carter, Scott LaFaro, Dave Holland, etc.

Walking Bass: Roots and Half Steps, Playing in 2, Walking Targeting 3rds and Root to 9th, Walking Targeting 5th and Root/6, 3rd/5th – 3rd/9th, Walking Targeting 7th, Melodic Bass line: chord tones, 5 to 1 motion, voice leading, Scalar Walking: Scalar tones, diatonic and bebop scale approach, Broken Feel, Pedal.

How to build a solo, Concepts, Enclosures, Ornaments, Phrasing.

Songs Related: PlayAlongs

Lesson 1
Techniques: Hands Position & Fingerstyle
Finger Fitness
Fretboard Skills: Triads
Jazz Rhythm
Walking: Roots and Half Steps
Applied Harmony: Major Chords
Phrasing and Feel: Paul Chambers
Jazz Standard

Lesson 2
Finger Fitness
Techniques: Skips
Fretboard Skills: Major Scale and Intervals Jazz Rhythm
Walking: Targeting 3rds and Root/9th
Applied Harmony: Minor Chords
Phrasing and Feel: Ray Brown
Jazz Standard

Lesson 3
Finger Fitness
Technique: Drops
Fretboard Skills: Diatonic Arpeggios
Jazz Rhythm
Walking: Targeting 5th and Root/6
Applied Harmony: Dominant Chords
Phrasing and Feel: Bob Cranshaw
Jazz Standard

Lesson 4
Finger Fitness
Techniques: Anticipation
Fretboard Skills: Major Modes
Jazz Rhythm
Walking: 3rd/5th – 3rd/9th
Applied Harmony: Chord Changes with Major II-V-I
Phrasing and Feel: Scott LaFaro
Jazz Standard

Lesson 5
Finger Fitness
Techniques: Slides
Fretboard Skills: Pentatonics
Jazz Rhythm
Walking: Targeting 7th
Applied Harmony: Chord Changes with Minor II-V-I
Phrasing and Feel: Sam Jones
Jazz Standard

Lesson 6
Finger Fitness
Techniques: Hammer On & Pull Off
Fretboard Skills: Blues Scale
Jazz Rhythm
Walking: Melodic Bass line – chord tones, 5 to 1 motion, voice leading
Applied Harmony: Diminished and half diminished Chords
Phrasing and Feel: Steve Swallow
Jazz Standard

Lesson 7
Finger Fitness
Technique: Rake & Trill
Fretboard Skills: Bebop Scale
Jazz Rhythm
Walking: Scalar tones, diatonic and bebop scale approach
Applied Harmony: Tritone, Secondary Dominants and Subs
Phrasing and Feel: Charles Mingus
Jazz Standard

Lesson 8
Finger Fitness
Technique: Ghost Notes & Accents
Fretboard Skills: Diminished scale
Jazz Rhythm
Walking: Pedal, Broken Feel
Applied Harmony: Substitute Chords in a Major Blues
Phrasing and Feel: Ron Carter
Jazz Standard

Lesson 9
Finger Fitness
Technique: Short Notes & Long Notes
Fretboard Skills: Melodic Minor
Jazz Rhythm
Walking: Turnarounds
Applied Harmony: Substitute Chords in a Minor Blues
Phrasing and Feel: Dave Holland
Jazz Standard

Lesson 10
Finger Fitness
Technique: Palm Muting
Fretboard Skills: Quartal Approach
Jazz Rhythm
Walking: Function – Interaction
Applied Harmony: Substitute Chords in Rhythm Changes
Phrasing and Feel: Jaco Pastorius
Jazz Standard

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