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Hi, my name is Marco Panzarella, great to see you here. I’ve been playing bass for as long as I can remember and it’s been an incredible journey. It all started in those local pubs, where I was just trying to find my groove.

I’ve gone from those small pubs to playing on some seriously big stages, rocking out at festivals and even shows  on TV and radio. I’m forever grateful for the chance to spread my love for playing bass with folks around the world.

I’ve also laid down some sweet bass lines with different projects and bands and I’ve been on tour in places like England, Scotland, France, Italy and even Malaysia. Plus, gigging all over Europe? Yeah, that’s been a blast.

I have studied an Mmus in Jazz at the Guildhall and a Bmus in Popular Music at the Bass Institute in London, I’ve been a full time Bass Tutor since 2006 and I’ve taught so many lessons over the years to well over 1000 students.


London College of Music, Bachelor of Music (Bmus), Popular Music/Bass

Guildhall School of Music, Master of Music (Mmus), Jazz Studies/Bass

City & Islington College, IMW Diploma, Music Technology


Some teachers I spent a lot of time with and I’m thankful to have met and studied with them.

Filippo Rizzo, Terry Gregory, Fabio Cresente, Martin Hathaway. Not forgetting Carlos Lopez Real, Trevor Tomkins, Stuart Hall, Malcolm Edmonstone, Scott Stroman, John Curry, Paul Scott, Dill Katz.

I’ve also been fortunate to attend masterclasses with esteemed artists such as John Abercrombie, Billy Sheehan, Chuck Rainey, Marcus Miller, and whenever possible, secured a front row seat to witness the mastery of Pino Palladino.


On my musical journey, I’ve played various styles and teamed up with all kinds of musicians. Whenever I get the chance to jam or record with other people, I make it a point to groove along with them. This whole collaboration thing has been pretty amazing, it has allowed me to soak up a ton of different influences and helped me grow as a bass player.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of playing or recording with: Jeremy Tordjman, Little Jimmy Reed, Rudi Riviere, Malcolm Bruce, Mike and Kate Westbrook, Kathleen Pearson, Nawfel Nermi, Matt White, Edoardo Faiella, Yoann Juilliard, Lifford Shillingford, Harris Adams, Adam White, Tony Cannam, Myles Therron, Compagnia del Triusco, Annie Afrilu, James Salvoni, Bruce Palait, Nick Judd, Hadar Manor, Johnny Edward, Owen Paul, Graham Landi, Tara London, OctoberRocks, The Reluctants, Feranmi Ogunseyinde, Aurelien Lefebvre, Marco Parenti, Luigi Salvoni, Germano Seggio. Although this is not near the complete list, I feel grateful to have spent time with so many incredible musicians!

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