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Everything we play comes from hard work and dedication, our journey with music is all about studying, researching and applying it. Enjoy the ride! — Marco Panzarella

1:1 Coaching

I’ve been a Bass Tutor for the past 13 years, I’ve gained experience in working with teenagers in Music Education and I've taught so many lessons over the years, to well over 1000 students.


The Ebooks are designed to get you playing exactly the music you want, the good stuff you always wanted to know, to make your bass playing stronger and true to the style you are into.

Self Development

Bass Advice is an ongoing collection of studies and research I've done over the years.


Questions about a courses? Or maybe you need some suggestions? Get in touch!



"Productive lessons, Marco showed me how to apply theory so I always had a range of vocabulary on different chord types, his teaching is now the basis of all fills in my playing. He doesn't waste time teaching whole songs but instead shows concepts to be applied for many"

Indigo Pearce

“Lessons with the super Marco Panzarella, I did some lessons with Marco. I found a person very prepared, very professional and super helpful. I will continue my educational path with him because I found myself really very well.”

Placido Amato

Great teacher! Marco was my first ever teacher and I still to this day find things he taught me very useful...nearly eight years on! He's very versatile and gave in-depth lessons on lots of genres.

Marla Mbemba

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