Mentorship Program Level One

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Mentorship Program Level One

(8 customer reviews)


Mentorship Program Level One – BassAdvice

🎓 The ONLY Guaranteed Way To Keep Evolving Your Bass Playing

📚 Course Format: 6 comprehensive bass lessons delivered through PDFs, videos and audio clips, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

🔥 Unmatched Effectiveness: This pioneering course is designed to transform your skills. Commit to one topic per week and in just two months, experience a significant enhancement in your playing abilities.

🎶 Comprehensive Resources: All exercises are meticulously presented with notations and TABS. Audio files are provided in a compressed format, and video lessons are accessible via links for easy learning.

📈 Feel the Power: Start your journey toward bass mastery today and tap into the potential of structured and progressive learning.

📩 Stay Connected: Ensure you check your inbox for the course materials immediately after enrollment. If you don’t see it, please check your Spam folder or contact us for assistance.


Unlock Your Full Bass Potential with the Mentorship Program Level One

Are you ready to take your bass playing to the next level? If you’re tired of feeling stuck and want to master your instrument like a pro, then the Bass Mentorship Program Level One holds the key to your success.

This program caters to intermediate bass players, those already gigging at churches, clubs or events with prior knowledge of bass fundamentals. If you’re determined to break free from limitations and witness real progress in your playing, this program suits you.

What You’ll Gain:

  • 6 Comprehensive Lessons: 6 essential topics that will transform your bass skills.
  • Guidance and Structure: Discover what to practice and how to practice it effectively.
  • Multimedia Resources: Access detailed PDFs, instructive videos and audio examples to support your learning journey.
  • Personalised Feedback: Receive valuable feedback for each lesson, helping you fine tune your technique and understanding.
  • Guaranteed Growth: Experience noticeable improvement in just 8 weeks.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Fret Training – Triads & Arpeggios: Master Maj, Min, Dim, Aug and Diatonic Arpeggios plus patterns, permutations and  fills.
  2. Tech Lab – Hammer Ons & Pull Offs: Nail the basics and explore advanced exercises, phrases and licks.
  3. Rhythm Studies – Quarter & 8th Notes: Uncover the world of rhythmic permutations and groove with confidence.
  4. Applied Harmony: Understand major chords, available options, secondary dominants, temporary keys and more.
  5. Time & Groove: Develop your groove sense, work on time feel and create great grooves.
  6. Improvisation: Gain a sense of direction, explore melodic approaches and incorporate creative notes into your playing.

Additionally, there is a section on How To Practice with a full breakdown Study Plan.

Affordable Excellence:

All of this comes to you at an unbeatable price of just £24.99! You won’t find a more comprehensive and affordable program to elevate your bass playing. Ready to fast track your progress? The secret formula is simple: Discipline, Repetition and the Right Method.

Join me in the Mentorship Program Level One and experience the guaranteed way to evolve your bass playing.

The Best Way To Grow Your Bass Playing In Short Time

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8 reviews for Mentorship Program Level One

  1. Gianni

    Lezioni molto ben organizzate, alla portata di tutti. Consigliatissimo!!

  2. Ismael Santana (verified owner)

    mentorship class with Marco Panzarella is a great class! the way he teaches and explain the course and gives you helpful advice is amazing! he opened my eyes to a lot of things! Doesn’t matter how many years you have in bass playing, sticking to the fundamentals, to the foundation is something he is very strong with! this course is the best!! thank you!

  3. Mike

    Highly Recommend – The exercises are easy to get started and challenging enough to keep you engaged and most importantly, improve your playing.

  4. Francesca

    Testo assolutamente consigliato. Preciso e incisivo. Esercizi molto interessanti soprattutto per acquisire scioltezza e padronanza del manico.

  5. Nardy (verified owner)

    I’ve taken so many bass lessons in my life – but Marco’s approach n system is easy to comprehend n digest n if you want to take your bass playing to another level , this is the holy grail , bar none – thank you Marco

  6. David Gary (verified owner)

    Bass Mentorship Program One is very very well crafted and easy to follow. Made a hard copy of the lessons so i can take it will me when i’m away from the computer plus my bass technique has improved tremendously even with the first few chapters into the lessons.

    Highly highly recommended!!!

  7. Julien (verified owner)

    Highly recommended for intermediate bassists that want some self-paced content to keep improving on your fundamentals!

  8. BassAdvice

    Hey Marco! Just wanted to say a big thanks! I had a gig last night and afterwards the drummer complimented me on my playing. We’ve been playing together for 10 years and he noticed a huge difference in what I was doing. Different fills and overall vocabulary. Your course is working, I have indeed levelled up my playing in just 5 weeks!


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