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10 Lessons including fretboard skills, rhythm studies, important R&B bassists, tracks and much more!

The Term Rhythm&Blues appears at the end of the 1940s, the style come out of the Blues, but with the advent of the electric guitars and the economic migrations, new life was pumped to the music scene and Rhythm&Blues was born.

This course will give you all  you need to play in a R&B band and also you will learn the approach of some of the best R&B bassists in History.

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8 Lectures

10 Lessons


10 Classic R&B BassLines and Bassists

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Course Details

Finger Fitness: Fingers Exercises to gain fluidity, independence and strength

Fretboard Skills: What Notes, Positions, Exercises, How to Practice, Triads, Pentatonic Scale & Quartal Approach, Blues scale, Major Scale and Intervals, Diatonic Arpeggios, Major Modes, Diminished Scale, Melodic Minor Scale, Patterns Application.

Rhythm Studies: Exercises, Syncopation, Metronome & Time, Groove & Fills, Bass Line Improvisation.

Technique: Articulations & Dramatic Effects – Hands Position & Fingerstyle, Slides & Shake, Hammer On & Pull Off, Rake & Trill, Ghost Notes & Accents, Crossing Strings, Short Notes & Long Notes, Palm Muting, R&B Bass Tone.

Applied Harmony: Type of Chords, Scales and Arpeggios options over Major, Minor and Dominant Chords.

In the Style of: Bass Lines, How to play like them, How to steal like an artist – Jerry Jemmott, David Hood, Duck Dunn, Willie Weeks, James Jamerson, Tommy Cogbill, Bob Babbitt, Chuck Rainey, Nathan Watts.

How to build a solo, Concepts, Enclosures, Ornaments, Phrasing.

Songs Related: PlayAlongs

Lesson 1
Defining R&B
Technique: Hands Position & Fingerstyle
Finger Fitness
Fretboard Skills: Triads (Maj, Min, Aug & Dim)
Rhythm Studies: Half and Quarter notes
Grooves & Patterns Application
Phrasing and Feel: Jerry Jemmott 
Songs Related

Lesson 2
Finger Fitness
Technique: Slide & Shake
Fretboard Skills: Pentatonic Scale
Rhythm Studies: Quarter and 8th notes
Grooves & Patterns Application
Phrasing and Feel: David Hood
Songs Related

Lesson 3
Finger Fitness
Technique: Hammer On & Pull Off
Fretboard Skills: Blues Scale
Rhythm Studies: 8th and 16th notes
Grooves & Patterns Application
Phrasing and Feel: Duck Dunn
Songs Related

Lesson 4
Finger Fitness
Technique:Accents & Ghost Notes
Fretboard Skills: Major Scale and Intervals
Rhythm Studies: Triplets
Rhythmic Variation vs Repetition
Grooves & Patterns Application
Phrasing and Feel: Willie Weeks
Songs Related

Lesson 5
The James Jamerson Concept
Rhythm and Tonality
James Jamerson bass line analysis on classics Motown
Songs Related

Lesson 6
Finger Fitness
Technique: Crossing Strings
Fretboard Skills: Major Modes
Rhythm Studies: Syncopation
Grooves & Patterns Application
Phrasing and Feel: Tommy Cogbill
Songs Related

Lesson 7
Finger Fitness
Technique: Short notes & Long notes
Fretboard Skills: Diatonic Arpeggios
Grooves & Patterns Application
Phrasing and Feel: Bob Babbitt
Songs Related

Lesson 8
Finger Fitness
Technique: Rakes
Fretboard Skills: Quartal Playing
Grooves & Patterns Application
Applied Harmony: Major Chords
Phrasing and Feel: Chuck Rainey
Songs Related

Lesson 9
Finger Fitness
Technique: Palm Muting
Fretboard Skills: Diminished
Chromatic tones
Slides, Hammer on & Pull off
Grooves & Patterns Application
Applied Harmony: Minor Chords
Phrasing and Feel: Nathan Watts
Songs Related

Lesson 10
Finger Fitness
Technique: Double Stops
Fretboard Skills: Melodic Minor
Groove & Patterns Application
Applied Harmony: Dominant Chords
Taste and Feel
Your own Transcription

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