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Bass Guitar Lessons 100% effective whatever your aim may be, from Academic qualifications, to be a session bass player or if you simply want to play great.

Bass Tutoring

I’ve been a Bass Tutor for the past 17 years, I’ve gained experience in working with teenagers in Music Education and I've taught so many bass lessons over the years to well over 1000 students.

Touring Bassist

With over 20 years of playing, everything from big and small venues, festivals, TV and radio, I’m always happy to play bass, let’s go on the road!

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Bass Recordings

Did you know that I can record bass lines for your songs with a great vintage sound? Get in touch directly and we’ll arrange it! We can work online or I will come to a studio of your choice.

Bass Ebooks

It’s time to be an evolving bass player, my Ebooks are everything I learnt, I’m practising and I will be studying!


I got the e-books a month ago and right now I am re-practicing my arpeggios and chords, I practiced the four types every day in a different key on my electric and  recently on my contrabass.

I experienced a big difference in my playing!!
btw, I also like your videos. Thank you so much!


verified student


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FRET TRAINER - Absolutely fantastic, this has been the most helpful book in terms of the bass fretboard and harmony. I would highly recommend it to anyone learning and wanting to add different layers to their playing.


THE BASSIST BUNDLE - These books are awesome! It will definitely improve your playing ability as a bassist! The fret trainer will force you to map out the whole fretboard until you are comfortable playing the all the scales and licks. The tech lab will help you improve your technique that you can you use to any genre of music. If you’re looking for the best way to level up you bass playing, these are the materials to go for. 


BASS MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS I’ve taken so many bass lessons in my life, but Marco’s approach and system is easy to comprehend and digest. If you want to take your bass playing to another level , this is the holy grail , bar none


ONLINE LESSONS - I have been studying with Marco for a week now and I am loving it! I have never had an instructor who was as organized as him. The lessons are separated into manageable sections and always with the underlying theme of application. I really appreciate that Marco takes the time to really listen to your playing and make spot on recommendations to get you to the next level. 


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