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Fret Trainer Ebook – BassAdvice 📘 Page Count: 68 📥 Digital Download: Ebook PDF 🎶 No TABS, Notations Only

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Unlock the Secrets of the Fretboard with Bass Advice’s Fret Trainer Ebook

Are you ready to take your bass playing to the next level? Imagine effortlessly navigating the fretboard, seamlessly connecting notes and scales without a second thought. 

This comprehensive 68 page ebook is your ultimate guide to mastering the fretboard. Packed with valuable insights and exercises, it provides you with the tools you need to practice effectively.

Inside the ebook you’ll find:

Finger Fitness: Develop strength and dexterity in your fingers, allowing you to execute even the most challenging bass lines with precision.
How To, Exercises & Licks: Dive into practical exercises and inspiring licks that will expand your musical vocabulary and ignite your creativity.
Triads & Diatonic Arpeggios: Discover the power of triads and diatonic arpeggios as you learn to construct melodic bass lines.
Pentatonic, Blues Scale & Quartal Approach: Unleash your improvisational skills with the pentatonic and blues scales and explore the unique sound of Quartal harmony.
Major Scale and Modes: Gain a deep understanding of the major scale and its modes.
Diminished Scale: Unlock the secrets of the diminished scale and incorporate its unique sounds into your playing.
Melodic Minor Scale: Discover the beauty and versatility of the melodic minor scale and learn how to create captivating bass lines with its rich harmonic possibilities.
Applied Harmony: Explore the world of harmony, major, minor and dominant chords, temporary keys, tritone substitution, upper structures and approach notes.
Chord Voicing: Expand your chord vocabulary and explore various voicing to add depth and complexity to your bass playing.

But that’s not all, as a bonus, I offer free support to all bass players who invest in the ebook. Have a question about a particular topic? Need clarification or guidance? I’m here to support you every step of the way. Get in touch  anytime, either through BassAdvice or via my Instagram and Facebook accounts (@marcopanzarellabass).

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your bass playing? Don’t miss out on this opportunity, get your copy of the Fret Trainer Ebook today and embark on a bass evolution journey.

Please note: No TABS, the Fret Trainer Ebook features notations only.

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4 reviews for Fret Trainer Ebook

  1. BassAdvice

    Zep Leppersen

    I am reading through it now. I have been looking for something exactly like this. No tablature and concise description of the intended goal of a particular exercise. I’m pretty sure that these exercises will get me on my way off the plateau in my learning. My reading is improving and have found that tablature is a hindrance to developing past an intermediate level.

  2. BassAdvice


    Ciao Marco. Volevo ringraziarti per il tuo metodo di “fret trainer” per basso L’ho comprato e ci sto lavorando ed e davvero ben fatto. Grazie ancora.

  3. BassAdvice


    I love the book! It covers a lot of ground in a short space and can be applied in so many ways. Excited to keep digging into it and thankful for your work.

  4. Fynn Clements (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic, this has been the most helpful book in terms of the bass fretboard and harmony. I would highly recommend it to anyone learning and wanting to add different layers to their playing.

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