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The Bassist Bundle

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Unlock Your Full Bass Potential with The Bassist Bundle!

📚 Page Count: Dive deep with Fret Trainer (68 pages) and Tech Lab (45 pages)

🚀 Instant Digital Download: Gain immediate access to two comprehensive eBooks in PDF format.

🎶 Focus on Notations: Perfectly suited for those who read music, no TABS, only standard musical notations.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Bass Playing?

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your technique, the Bassist Bundle is your essential toolkit for success.

What You Get:

  • Fret Trainer: Master the fretboard with 68 pages of detailed exercises designed to sharpen your understanding and enhance your navigational skills.
  • Tech Lab: Boost your technique with 45 pages of targeted exercises that will elevate your bass playing to new heights.

📖 Comprehensive Learning Resource: With a total of 113 pages, this bundle provides an extensive toolkit for enhancing your bass skills, offering deep dives into critical techniques and concepts.

Why Choose The Bassist Bundle:

✉️ Immediate Access: These digital products ensure that your learning journey begins the moment you complete your order, no waiting for shipping.

📥 Always Available: Your purchase confirmation and download links are delivered directly to your inbox. Remember to check your Spam folder to ensure you don’t miss out!


Unlock Your Bass Potential!

Ready to level up your bass skills? The Bassist Bundle caters to beginners and intermediate players.

Unlock your full potential with “The Bassist Bundle,” combining 113 pages of targeted instructions from our Fret Trainer and Tech Lab eBooks. This bundle is ideal for bass players eager to develop a comprehensive understanding of the bass guitar from foundational techniques to advanced playing concepts. Highlights include:

  • Comprehensive Content: From fretboard mastery to advanced playing techniques.
  • Practical Learning: Exercises, licks and lessons crafted to enhance both technical skills and musical knowledge.
  • Fret Trainer & Tech Lab eBooks: All the exercises I practice everyday are here in this bundle.
  • Continuous Support: Get in touch for personalised guidance to help you grow quickly.

Step up your game with “The Bassist Bundle,” and start your transformation into a versatile and skilled bass player today!


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4 reviews for The Bassist Bundle

  1. 0tusti (verified owner)

    I got the e-books a month ago and right now and I am re-practicing my arpedios or chords,
    I practiced the four tipes every day in a different key on my electric, and, recently on my contrabass gig I experinced a big difference in my playing!!
    thank you so much
    btw, I also like your videos, just about to work on “applying different pentatonics over the same chord”
    saludos desde japon!

  2. Jairus (verified owner)

    With these ebooks, Im starting to improved mt bass playing skills. It will really help you a lot and learn a lot of techniques and trainings. Also Sir Marco is so wiling to assist and guide you with all of your inquiry regarding His books.
    Great aftersales experience!

    Thank you sir Marco. Praying to finish all your lessons for me to become a great bass player like you. Also praying for the success of these ebooks. God bless!

  3. BassAdvice


    I have Bass Fret Trainer & Tech Lab bundlle, absoluty beautifull lessons.
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  4. Mark Robertson O. Alba (verified owner)

    These books are awesome! It will definitely improve your playing ability as a bassist! The fret trainer will force you to map out the whole fretboard until you are comfortable playing the all the scales and licks. The tech lab will help you improve your technique that you can you use to any genre of music. If you’re looking for the best way to level up you bass playing, these are the materials to go for. No shortcuts, just pure quality hard work and practice is the key. Marco is also kind to answer all my questions and inquiries. He took the time to record many voice message to explain to me all my inquiries. You won’t see that kind of effort with other online bass tutors.

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