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The Bassist Bundle

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Unlock Your Full Bass Potential with The Bassist Bundle!

📚 Page Count: Fret Trainer – 68 pages | Tech Lab – 45 pages

🚀 Instant Digital Download: Two Comprehensive eBook PDFs

🎶 No TABS, Only Notations

Are you ready to elevate your bass playing? Whether you’re a beginner looking to kickstart your journey or an intermediate player aiming to refine your technique, the Bassist Bundle has got you covered.

What You Get:

  •  Fret Trainer: 68 pages of fretboard exercises designed to sharpen your understanding of the bass neck.
  •  Tech Lab Ebooks: 45 pages of  bass techniques to take your playing to the next level.

📖 Comprehensive Resource: This incredible bundle offers a combined 113 pages of in depth content, providing you with a robust toolkit for enhancing your bass skills.

Why Choose The Bassist Bundle:

✉️ Immediate Access: These are digital products; no physical books will be shipped. Your journey begins as soon as you complete your order.

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Unlock Your Bass Potential!

Ready to level up your bass skills? The Bassist Bundle caters to beginners and intermediate players.

What You Get:

  • Comprehensive Ebooks: Covering fundamental to advanced techniques, I’ve got your bass journey covered.
  • Personalized Support: Get complimentary guidance and clarifications via email, Instagram or Facebook. Share your progress with me and we’ll be there every step of the way.
  • Efficient Learning: No lengthy lessons. I focus on what matters most, with practical exercises that challenge and inspire.
  • Affordable: I’m passionate about helping bass players. The ebooks are priced low, plus enjoy an extra bundle discount.
  • Join the Evolution: Become a better bass player and unlock your true potential today!

Note: Notations only, no TABS. Check your Spam folder for order confirmation.

Here’s a detailed Table of Contents for the “Fret Trainer” eBook:

  1. About Me: Marco Panzarella’s professional background.
  2. Introduction: Purpose and approach of the exercises in the eBook.
  3. Major Triads: Understanding and practicing major triads, including exercises.
  4. Minor Triads: Learning about minor triads, with exercises.
  5. Diminished Triad: Exploring diminished triads.
  6. Augmented Triad: Discussing augmented triads.
  7. Triad Pairs: Techniques for using triad pairs over major, minor, and dominant chords.
  8. Diatonic Arpeggios: The role of arpeggios in bass playing, with exercises and licks.
  9. Pentatonic Scale: Insights into major and minor pentatonic scales, including modes and exercises.
  10. Fourth Playing: A guide to fourth harmony in bass playing, with exercises.
  11. Blues Scale: Learning minor and major blues scales, with exercises and licks.
  12. Major Scale: Comprehensive coverage of major scale modes, with practical exercises.
  13. Diminished Scale: Detailed exploration of the diminished scale, including exercises.
  14. Melodic Minor: Introduction to melodic minor scales and their applications, with exercises.
  15. Applied Harmony: Techniques for improvisation over various chord types.
  16. Chord Voicing: Huge amount of chord voicing.
  17. Conclusion: Final thoughts and advice for practice.

Here’s a detailed Table of Contents for the “Tech Lab” eBook:

  1. Introduction: Overview of the eBook’s purpose and content.
  2. Fingerstyle Techniques: Detailed exercises and tips on mastering fingerstyle.
  3. Accents in Bass Playing: Understanding and implementing accents.
  4. Hammer Ons & Pull Offs: Techniques and exercises for effective hammer-ons and pull-offs.
  5. Crossing Strings: Strategies for efficient string crossing.
  6. Ghost Notes: Incorporating ghost notes into your playing.
  7. Legato & Staccato: Exploring legato and staccato techniques.
  8. Slides: Techniques for smooth and effective slides.
  9. Shakes & Bending: Exercises for shakes and bending notes.
  10. Double Stops: Mastery of double stops.
  11. Articulations: Various articulation techniques.
  12. Grooves: Developing and practicing bass grooves.
  13. Fills: Techniques and exercises for bass fills.
  14. Bass Tone: Tips for achieving the desired bass tone.
  15. Final Words: Concluding advice and insights.
  16. Practicing: Tips on effective practice routines.



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4 reviews for The Bassist Bundle

  1. 0tusti (verified owner)

    I got the e-books a month ago and right now and I am re-practicing my arpedios or chords,
    I practiced the four tipes every day in a different key on my electric, and, recently on my contrabass gig I experinced a big difference in my playing!!
    thank you so much
    btw, I also like your videos, just about to work on “applying different pentatonics over the same chord”
    saludos desde japon!

  2. Jairus (verified owner)

    With these ebooks, Im starting to improved mt bass playing skills. It will really help you a lot and learn a lot of techniques and trainings. Also Sir Marco is so wiling to assist and guide you with all of your inquiry regarding His books.
    Great aftersales experience!

    Thank you sir Marco. Praying to finish all your lessons for me to become a great bass player like you. Also praying for the success of these ebooks. God bless!

  3. BassAdvice


    I have Bass Fret Trainer & Tech Lab bundlle, absoluty beautifull lessons.
Recommended this products

  4. Mark Robertson O. Alba (verified owner)

    These books are awesome! It will definitely improve your playing ability as a bassist! The fret trainer will force you to map out the whole fretboard until you are comfortable playing the all the scales and licks. The tech lab will help you improve your technique that you can you use to any genre of music. If you’re looking for the best way to level up you bass playing, these are the materials to go for. No shortcuts, just pure quality hard work and practice is the key. Marco is also kind to answer all my questions and inquiries. He took the time to record many voice message to explain to me all my inquiries. You won’t see that kind of effort with other online bass tutors.

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