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Tech Lab – String Crossing


Crossing Strings Ebook – BassAdvice

Number of pages: 9

Included: Notations, TABS, Audio, Video Link

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Tech Lab – String Crossing

Practicing string crossing is key to having good bass technique, groove and tone. It’s important to focus not only on the physicality of the technique, but also the musicality. Picking technique must be clean and accurate to achieve effective string crossing. Start with the basic exercises that focus on the physical elements, next move to phrases and groove application.

The key to developing good string crossing technique is to practice regularly. Spend time each day with these exercises, with regular practice you should be able to see improvements in your playing and create solid bass grooves.

This include:

9 pages Pdf with everything you need to know
Crossing Over Scales
Audio examples
A video example

All exercises are written in notations and Tabs, Audio files are compressed/zipped and video is presented with a link.

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