Jaco Pastorius – Invitation


  • To prepare to play Jaco Pastorius’ Invitation
  • To look at his concepts involved in playing Invitation


Here’s a structured action plan to help you achieve these goals:

  1. Immerse in the Music: Start by deeply listening to the recording while closely following the transcriptions. This step sets the foundation for understanding Jaco’s approach.
  2. Melodic Mastery: Begin by learning the melody at your own pace, without the constraints of time. Once you feel comfortable, transition to playing it alongside a fitting backing track.
  3. Bass Line Brilliance: Next, focus on grasping Jaco’s exceptional bass line. Pay meticulous attention to the subtleties that define his unique rendition.
  4. Solo Exploration: Dive into the depths of Jaco’s solo, meticulously dissecting the harmonic, melodic, and technical elements at play. Practice performing his solo in sync with a backing track to solidify your comprehension of these concepts.
  5. Your Jaco Moment: Finally, bring it all together by performing “Invitation” in Jaco’s inimitable style.


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