Bass Arpeggios Decoded

Why Every Bassist Should Learn Arpeggios

Arpeggios, often seen as a daunting challenge for bass players, are a fundamental aspect of bass lines. In this guide, I will demystify arpeggios, making them accessible and practical for your bass playing journey.

What Are They?

Arpeggios, in simple terms, are chords played one note at a time. If you’re a beginner, grasping arpeggios might seem challenging, but fear not! I’ll provide a straightforward understanding of arpeggios and show you how to incorporate them into your playing.

The Significance of Arpeggios for Bassists

Arpeggios are like the secret sauce of bass playing adding colour to your licks and grooves. They bring out the essential sounds of major and minor chords in any context, making them invaluable tools. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, arpeggios can take your playing to the next level.

Essential Arpeggios Every Bassist Should Know

Explore some core arpeggios that are applicable across various styles. I cover the major seven, minor seven, dominant seven and diminished arpeggios on the Bass Mentorship Program Level One and you can find plenty of exercises on the Fret Trainer

Expanding Your Arpeggio Vocabulary

Inversions breathe new life into your arpeggio playing. Check the video below for a quick example of how you can seamlessly transition from all the inversions of an Emin arpeggio. You’ll learn how to play these inversions effectively opening up possibilities.

Crafting Licks and Grooves with Arpeggios

The key to creating memorable bass lines and solos lies in connecting arpeggios to pentatonic scales. Integrate arpeggios into your pentatonic playing.

By understanding their essence, mastering their forms and connecting them with other scales, you’ll transform your bass playing from ordinary to extraordinary. Start practicing arpeggios today and watch your bass playing reach a new level!

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