Chromatic Approach

Approaching chords chromatically is a fascinating technique that can add complexity to your lines. In this exercise, we’ll explore a concept that will transform the way you approach chords. While it may be challenging, the rewards are worth it. By playing along with the accompanying video and catching all the notes, you’ll gain a new perspective on chords and unlock new musical possibilities.

Chromatic Approach Exercise: This exercise focuses on approaching chords chromatically from the 7th, 9th, root (R), 3rd, and 5th. These different starting points will yield unique chord voicings and flavors. Feel free to mix it up by experimenting with single chords or combining two chords for added complexity.

Playing along with the Video: To fully grasp the intricacies of this exercise, I recommend playing along with the video provided. Pay close attention to the notes being played, ensuring you catch each one accurately. The slower tempo of the video allows for better comprehension and execution of the chords.

Expanding Your Musical Perspective: Approaching chords chromatically opens up a whole new world of creativity and musical expression. By incorporating this technique, you’ll discover new ways to harmonise melodies, create unique chord progressions and add complexity to your improvisations. Embrace the challenge and be open to experimenting with different chord combinations.

Playing along with the accompanying video and try to catch all the notes. As you explore deeper into this technique, you’ll witness a transformation in your understanding and perception of chords.





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