Diminished Harmony

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Diminished Harmony


Diminished Harmony eBook – BassAdvice

📘 Page Count: 20 detailed pages

🎼 Includes: Comprehensive notations, TABS, audio examples and video tutorials


Diminished Harmony – Mastering Diminished Scale and Chords

Unlock the sound of diminished scale with this essential guide tailored for bass players. “Diminished Harmony” explore the construction, use and creative potential of diminished scale and chords in bass playing, offering you a comprehensive exploration of this crucial musical element. This eBook is designed to transform how you understand and implement the diminished scale, enhancing tension, resolution and progression within your bass line.

From understanding basic diminished triads to mastering complex substitutions and chromatic passages, this guide covers:

  • Detailed breakdowns of diminished chord structures and their symmetrical beauty.
  • Practical applications such as substitutions for dominant chords, chromatic passing chords and their roles in chord progressions.
  • Innovative exercises and examples that demonstrate how diminished chords can be used to add depth and tension to your bass lines.

This eBook is perfect for bass players of all levels who want to:

  • Expand their harmonic vocabulary and improve their musical versatility.
  • Learn through clear, step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow examples.
  • Experience the unique sound that only the diminished scale can offer.

Features Include:

  • 20 pages in PDF format, filled with insightful explanations and actionable tips.
  • Comprehensive sections on chord construction, inversions and practical uses in various musical contexts.
  • Exercises written in notation and TABS, with accompanying audio files and video links to enhance your learning experience.

Whether you are a beginner intrigued by the potential of diminished scale or an experienced player aiming to refine your skills and incorporate sophisticated harmonic techniques, “Diminished Harmony” provides the tools you need to make significant advancements in your playing.

Discover the power of diminished scale and elevate your bass playing to new heights with “Diminished Harmony.”

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  1. BassAdvice

    Scott: This is an amazing deal. No excuse not to get it. Marco, thank you for continuing to share your material!!!

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