Minor Chords Melodic Patterns

In this post, we’ll explore some patterns that can be used to play over minor chords. Not only are these patterns melodic, but they can also serve as engaging fills, adding melodic interest to your grooves. Give them a try in a 16th-note context. If you’re looking to learn bass guitar or enhance your existing skills, these insights can be a valuable addition to your toolbox.

1. Ascending Arpeggios: Starting from the root note of a minor chord, ascend through the arpeggio, emphasising the chord tones (root, minor third, and fifth). Experiment with different rhythmic variations and note durations to create melodic contour.

2. Scalar Runs: Explore the melodic possibilities of the minor scale by incorporating scalar runs. Ascend or descend through the scale and shoot an arpeggio at the beginning or at the end. This approach adds fluidity and movement to your bass lines.

3. Chord Tones and Extensions: Highlight the essential chord tones (root, third, fifth) and consider incorporating extensions to add colour. Experiment with rhythmic variations and explore different note combinations to create fills and melodic phrases.

The patterns presented here offer a gateway to unlocking melodic possibilities when playing over minor chords. Whether you’re a seasoned bassist or someone looking to learn bass guitar online, incorporating ascending arpeggios, scalar runs, chord tones and extensions, give your bass lines creativity and expression. Experiment with these patterns in a 16th-note context and explore different rhythmic variations.





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